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Facility is FDA (OTC & Rx) registered since 2000. Health Canada Foreign Site License
In-house QC laboratory major instruments: TOC, FT-IR, IR-UV, TLC, HPLC, GC, ICP-MS
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Tablets, Chewable Tablets, Fast Dissolve Baby Tablets, Lozenges, Capsules, Powders, Globules, Blister Cards, Kits

Droppers, Sprayers, Nasal Sprays, Throat Sprays, Syrups, Ampoules

Creams, Gels, Ointments, Pouches, Sprays, Shampoos, Suppositories

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Our formulas are based on more than 50 years’ experience in homeopathic medicine treatments. Our family based purpose driven company has been serving the homeopathic community providing products, services and education.

  • Our liquid formulas are prepared using corn, gluten and allergen free, Kosher Certified, non GMO ethanol cane alcohol and vegetable source USP grade glycerin that is as well gluten and allergen free, Kosher certified non GMO.
  • We use glass bottles for our liquid finished product which prevent from leaking plastic materials into pharmaceutical product.
  • Single remedies are available in sucrose only globules. The sucrose is certified non-GMO Kosher made from beets and is lactose and gluten free.
  • We are proudly using compressed method for manufacturing homeopathic tablets that are lactose free as well. This method assures that the active ingredients are combined in 100% of the tablet weight. Most of the companies are using impregnation method where the active pharmaceutical ingredients are only on the surface of the tablets. This method provides much easier and faster manufacturing process but allows for high contamination of the finished product during dispensing.
  • In alcohol free formulas we selected potassium sorbate and citric acid to prevent microbial contamination. Most of the formulas on the market contain sodium benzoate which forms carcinogenic mixture with citric acid.

Our quality control unit includes chemists and pharmaceutical scientists that are highly educated and experienced in testing pharmaceutical ingredients and finished products.

  • Products are made from highest quality raw materials, non GMO and organic, supplied from all over the world from certified vendors.
  • Starting materials are first check for identity, purity and microbial contamination before moving into production process.
  • Mother tinctures and trituration’s (first dilutions) are stored in glass light protected bottles. After passing intensive quality control testing they are approved to the next process – homeopathic dilutions. Dilutions are kept in glass bottles as well. We strictly avoid using plastic containers for our active ingredients.
  • Homeopathic dilutions are prepared using traditional Hahnemann method (multi flask). All of our products are hand-succussed, and we never use electronic devices or signals to produce products.
  • Optimal reliability and reproducibility of the dilutions is guaranteed by the standardization of the manufacturing processes.
  • We use gluten and allergen free, Kosher certified, non GMO ethanol alcohol.
  • Purified water used in active ingredients and finished products is tested for TOC (Total Organic Carbon) and microbial contamination according the USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) monograph.
  • Finished product testing includes in process and final product testing using current pharmaceutical standards.